Patricia Billings, a native of Muskegon, MI, began playing clarinet at age 11. Ms. Billings earned her undergraduate degree at Western Michigan University with a B.M. in Music Education, while studying privately with Bradley Wong. During her time at WMU, she co-founded the woodwind ensemble TRIO APARICION. The ensemble toured throughout Michigan and performed in Spain. The group’s local success led to a radio feature of TRIO APARICION on WMUK 102.1FM.

The experience of the trio led Ms. Billings to want to pursue a career in chamber music and freelancing. In the summer of 2010, Ms. Billings moved to New York to pursue her master's in Performance, and to follow her aspirations of creating an ensemble.She had the pleasure of attending the Imani Winds Chamber Music Festival, and studied under her mentors.

Shortly after her move, she found opportunities to display her talents at the famous Apollo Theater and Morse Concert Hall, and playing clarinet in a movie score. She has also performed with the William D. Caballero Ensemble.

All of her time at New York University is not spent earning her master's degree. Ms. Billings also serves as an adjunct faculty member at the university teaching lessons and coaching a chamber ensemble.

Experimenting with other genres and music of all kinds, Ms. Billings finds herself developing into a crossover musician. Her passion to make the “classical" listener rethink the traditional repertoire for “classical performances" is her goal to expand the minds of the audience.